Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chalk Full of Memories

To celebrate our FIRST wedding anniversary, which is about a month away, I thought I would share some special parts of our wedding celebration that still have a part in our lives today. Whether it be decor from the reception that we hang in our house now or a sparkly pair of shoes that I pull out for fancier nights, I love that some of the magic from that night still gets to shine.

First up is the chalkboard seating chart. My mom has the prettiest handwriting, so she wrote up everyone's name and table number for guests to see as they walked into the greenhouse for dinner. I loved having this handmade piece at our wedding that I would be able to take home and repurpose after the night was over.

After the wedding, we put a new coat of chalkboard paint over the surface since we had written the names in chalk pen and that was proving hard to remove. The board now looks as good as new and reminds me of our wedding every time I see it. 

It now hangs in our dining room/kitchen, and I try to write a new quote or draw a new design on it every few weeks. Next week I will share another wedding then and now and this one Scott is in! He's super excited, I can tell.

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  1. That is so lovely to see that every day and be reminded of your special day!
    Bec x dancingthroughsunday