Monday, July 28, 2014

Newlywed Adventures

I'm Caity, as I'm sure most of you know. And that handsome guy right down there, that's Scott, he's my husband.

We currently live in Michigan and have two pups, Fender and Albus.

He's Fender, named after the guitar, not a car bumper.

And he's Albus, names after the greatest wizard of all time. I may be just a bit of a Harry Potter fan.

When I first thought I would start blogging again I thought it would be all about our new adventures as newlyweds, life with our two crazy pups and fixing up our brand new (to us) house. Then I got a job offer in Pennsylvania and we decided to go for it! We'll still be together and I'm sure our pups will be just as crazy but our cute little house will no longer be our home. Instead we'll be a few states over trying to make Pennsylvania feel like home, at least for a little while. I promise it won't be forever mom! So while this blog will be a bit different than I planned, it will still be about us...just on a different adventure.

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