Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Bloom Workshop

Back in June I attended The Bloom Workshop put on by Michaela and Ashley, and I absolutely loved it.  I learned so much about blogging, photography and styling and got to meet some really cool ladies in the process. The whole day was so pretty, it's like it was out of one of my girly daydreams. Half of the day was spent taking notes and listening to presentations from the girls on how to make our blogs and small businesses more successful and the second half was spent putting our styling and photography skills to use. Seriously I never thought note taking could be so interesting! I also got to meet one of my fav bloggers, Tieka and she was super cute and so nice.

If you have any interest in blogging or just want to meet some like minded girls who appreciate the pretty little details in life, I highly recommend going! The yummy treats and swag bags alone make it worth it!

I am now on the hunt for gold utensils, they are so whimsical and dreamy! I think they would add the perfect amount of charm to our rustic dining room table.

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