Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shoes and Suits

For our wedding I made sure to pick a pair of shoes that I could wear again and again and not just for that one night. And while I might own more than enough heels, they aren't really my favorite type of shoe. I prefer flats and knew the last thing I wanted to be worrying about during the night were sore feet! My mom bought me these sparkly, strappy sandals from J Crew and I could not love them more. They are super comfy and add a bit of fancy to anything I pair them with. It may not be practical for me to wear my wedding dress out anymore (but wouldn't that be fun!) but I can definitely slip on these sandals and be reminded of our day.

Scott on the other hand can wear his suit on other occasions and not look crazy. And lucky me because he looks pretty handsome in that suit. He also got his suit from J Crew.

Last weekend we went to a friends wedding and wore our wedding reminders. We also got to listen to some Michael Buble, which was awesome since our song is My Everything. We didn't get the best picture, but we made sure to snap an usie (us + selfie)!

And a quick shoe photo at home...a shoeie.

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  1. I think flats with a wedding dress are so elegant, yours are gorgeous, good choice!!