Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Is In The Air

Fall is my favorite time of year, and even though technically it is still summer, I can't help but get excited. I love the chilly breeze, apple cider, colorful leaves and pumpkin flavored everything. I also have an obsession with boots and scarves, so the cooler weather really agrees with my wardrobe. I've decided to make a bucket list of sorts for this fall. We know next to nothing about our town, literally I know how to get to work and how to get to Target, and that's about it. So it'd be a lot of fun to find some new places, not to mention driving around here is just about the prettiest thing ever with all of the trees and rolling hills (or maybe they're mountains, I'm not sure)

1. Go to the cider mill
2. A crunchy leaf walk with the pups
3. Lots of pumpkin and apple flavored drinks and sweets
4. Decorate pumpkins
5. Get some new tall boots
6. Cook some autumn meals
7. Eat a lot of Halloween candy (somehow I don't think that will be difficult)
8. Dye my hair darker
9. Do at least one of my pinned fall projects
10. Get cute costumes for the pups

This BuzzFeed article is spot on, considering almost my entire list is on there. And I agree, my favorite color is October.

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