Sunday, September 7, 2014

So Far

We've been here for a little over two weeks and things are finally starting to settle down and feel like normal again. While we still have a bit to unpack our main living areas are all set and I can finally cook dinners again. Along with unpacking and starting our new jobs we also had a lot of celebrating to do. Scott's birthday was our first weekend here and our ONE year anniversary was the next! We ventured out to some new restaurants for both occasions and they turned out to be hits. Hopefully, PA will start feeling like our new home soon, I think the holidays will definitely help with the warm and cozy feeling. And now for a picture overload! Some of them are a little fuzzy, I still have to unpack the camera charger.

Saying goodbye to our home was so hard. It really was the best, little home I could have asked for. It was also really hard to take a good selfie with our house in the background, after the fifth try we said good enough and hit the road.

The pups definitely loved hotel living!

A very happy birthday filled with Sheetz breakfast, cute pups and the BEST chicken wings ever.

We found Michigan beer! Now, if we could only find some McClure's pickles.

His favorite spot in the new apartment. I left it empty for as long as possible but it soon got filled with kitchen gadgets... Sorry Al!

He ordered a salad at dinner. A salad with kale, roasted carrots, beets and wheat berries. Where has my husband gone!?

The best fondue ever!

We spent our actual anniversary at a food truck festival. It started pouring about half an hour after we got there, so we ate some pork fritters under a truck awning... romance at its finest.

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