Sunday, October 5, 2014

Property Scaity

In our new apartment we have a spare room that up until now was working full-time as a junk room...most people just have a junk drawer, but we take it up a notch with an entire room. It is home to out of season clothing, empty boxes and a few things that have yet to be unpacked. Since we are having some visitors in the next few weeks we thought what better motivation to get this room in tip top shape. 

We talked about how we want this room to function and realized that most weeks out of the year this room will be guest free so it mainly needs to work for us and then the occasional visitor. This made getting a daybed over a full size bed an easy choice, it was the Hannah Montana of options...the best of both worlds. It can function as a couch when it's just me reading or working and when we have guests it can be a bed, with an additional pull out trundle bed.

I came up with a few room designs, and we ended up agreeing on this one. One design I came up with had a unicorn head to hang on the wall, that got a quick veto from Scott. Luckily it made the fox pillow look very cozy in comparison. Hopefully we will have the big pieces all set up in the next few weeks. Then I just have to work on sneaking a unicorn head in here...I'll keep you updated.

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